Genetics Tutor

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The Genetics Cognitive Tutor

The Cognitive Tutor for Analysis in Genetics (CTAG) is an intelligent learning environment that supports student problem solving in genetics. The tutor:

  • poses complex multi-step problems
  • supports rich problem analysis
  • provides the individualized help students need to succeed, including:
    • step-by-step accuracy feedback
    • advice, on request, on the next solution step

The Tutor lesson modules support student problem solving across a wide range of genetics topics: gene interaction and epistasis, gene regulation, development, cancer, Mendelian transmission, pedigree analysis, gene mapping, population genetics, and most importantly the logic of pathway analysis. CTAG modules have been piloted in genetics courses across a broad range of colleges and universities and have yielded large learning gains.

To see a video demonstrating CTAG on CMU’s Open Learning Initiative (OLI), visit CTAG Demo.

To learn more about using CTAG in your course or to try out the tutor, visit CMU's Open Learning Initiative, sign up for an OLI account, and then register for the course 'CTAG-guest'. If you would like to use the tutor in your course, or have any questions, please send email to